Lynne Kieran

Lynnes poem

I sit and watch; I watch and sit

I love these times, the quiet times.

Times when I feel my place in the world.

When I feel a silent grin

Play across my lips for no reason –

For every reason.

Lynne Kieran

April 2007, Vienna

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Romana Marhold:

Mein ganzes Mitgefühl gilt der Familie. Sie war eine tolle Sängerin und ein wertvoller Mensch.


Geschrieben am: 03.01.2014, 18:08 Uhr
Four Voices:

Liebe Lynne,

Everytime it was a great pleasure to see you performing:
your voice, your smile, your radiant charisma.
Und es war uns eine Ehre, dass du uns gecoacht hast.
Home is where your heart is! Dein Song ist Zeugnis deiner warmen, tiefen,
großen Herzqualität und in dieser wirst du uns in Erinnerung sein.
With love and sincere gratitude
Sandi, Mary, Babsi, Christa und Hans (Four Voices)

Geschrieben am: 07.01.2014, 22:41 Uhr
Ana & Cumhur:

Dearest Lynne,

you were full of surprises, joy and energy. You kept that up until the very last moment; leaving people behind that look up to you and that are proud to have known you, keeping a part of YOU in their hearts, alive the way you are. You inflicted everybody that met you with happiness and created the first perpetuum-mobile I ever witnessed.
Your love goes in ever growing circles.

It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, to be allowed to have a little piece of you kept in our hearts- we will keep it their safe and pampered.

With love and gratitude
Ana & Cumhur

Geschrieben am: 09.01.2014, 18:24 Uhr
Tini Kainrath:

Dear Lynne, I feel very honored of having had the privilege to share so many beautiful moments with you. Thank you for ever.

Geschrieben am: 13.12.2013, 14:53 Uhr
Eddie Cole:

Lynne we were drawn together as brother and sister. Never have I had such a relationship with anybody. Because of you I'm able to confront the world through music. I will love you forever and look forward to your signals. We will be together forever.........

Geschrieben am: 13.12.2013, 15:02 Uhr
Anton Sauprügl - Global Kryner Und Anita Mack:

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about your tragic death, Lynne.

Your greatest joy was making others happy with your music and smile everyday.

This planet will not be the same without you.

Heaven gained a new angel, you and your beloved ones are in our prayers.

Our deepest condolences,

Anita and Anton

Geschrieben am: 13.12.2013, 18:19 Uhr
Sandrine Rohrmoser:

Lynne, you were not only a wonderful, true and honest friend to me. You also were an inspiration, my muse in photography, music and in enjoying and celebrating even the little things life has to offer. Part of my Viennese family - a sister in good times, but also a mother when it came to wisdom and reason. I wanna thank you for all the good advice you gave me all through the years. I will keep you in my heart forever!

Geschrieben am: 13.12.2013, 21:03 Uhr
Kerstin Strahammer:

Dear Lynne,

it was an honor to be a small part of your journey. I'll keep you in my heart forever.

Geschrieben am: 14.12.2013, 15:05 Uhr
Gabriele Kastek:

Lynne, you are unforgetable for me and you will live forever in your music.                                   Thank you for so many wonderful performances – rest in peace.

Geschrieben am: 15.12.2013, 17:16 Uhr
Brigitte Sorger:

I was really very sad, when I read about what had happened to Lynn, she was a very nice and talented collegue, I once had the joy, to sing together with her at a party, I enjoyed it very much, she was so inspiring! Some years ago my partner died also very suddenly, it was a great shock, so I can understand and feel, what her family and friends go through these times. i wish you all a strong believe, that there is a higher sense in such things, we will never understand completely here on earth!

Brigitte Sorger

Geschrieben am: 15.12.2013, 17:20 Uhr
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